Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull - "Live It Up"


Working under director Jessy Terrero, this video went through a few iterations to arrive at its glamorous destination.
Director: Jessy Terrero
Label: Capitol
Production Company: Terrero 
Producer: Melissa Larsen
Executive Producer: Lisa Arianna

Fresh and Easy - "f&easy: We're Here to Stay"


Director Paul Boyd of Weapons of Mass Entertainment took the helm in cooking up this catchy spot for Fresh & Easy.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Prestone commercials - "The Decision" /"Coming for You"


A couple commercials I storyboarded working under direction by Henry Hobson.
This wintry Prestone antifreeze commercial depicts Death as a heartless truck waiting in the darkness to strike your vehicle. 

This one depict the lair of the mechanical beast. As always with this director, great shots and atmosphere captured.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

X Japan - "Born to be Free"


This was a video I worked on back in July of 2010-- I never heard what came of it but I found this video recently. Here are some snippets from the shoot day.

It was not only an amazing circumstance that let me work with the famed drummer of the band Yoshiki who directed, but also meet comics legend and personal hero of mine Stan Lee.
He recently attached his name to an amazing event-- now "Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo" in L.A.
As an exhibitor at a table, I didn't get too many chances to see his talks/appearances, but did enjoy an amazingly successful event. More on that here.
Photographic evidence!
I later sent him one of my comics (a medium I would not be in if not for creations by "The Man"~) and had the amazing fortune of receiving a letter back!:
Polybagged and framed!

A few select storyboards:

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Deadmau5 - "Professional Griefers" storyboards


Most young folks with a bassdrum heartbeat know deadmau5-- This was a rare opportunity to do a music video for the electronic music sensation.
Featuring Gerard Way of "My Chemical Romance" (though comicbook guys like me know him from "Umbrella Academy"~), this high-octane music vid was a treat to see come to life.
Drawing out a Thunderdome-like structure with thousands of fans and a giant robot battle is much easier to sketch out than actually build and make it happen. The main mau5 himself indeed brings it-- great to see all these moving parts come together to smashing effect. A monumental task with great direction provided by directors Paul Boyd and Jeff Ranasinghe.

[EDIT: Found this neat behind-the-scenes clip which has a glimpse of the boards at 2:58~]

Mischievous Meowingtons was my feline favorite.

Bud Light - Port Paradise "How it Went Down"


Director Nima Nourizadeh (whose Adidas/ Star Wars Cantina mashup was stellar) put together this spot featuring all manner of crazy party shenanigans. Scouting locations and casting took us to many a picturesque and lavish places.

These frames were kept pretty frenetic to keep with the party vibe (also to accomodate the quanity, timeframe, and drawing in the scout van~). Party on.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Summer updates!

New projects I still have to post/ awaiting release:

 Deadmau5 music video
 Usher music video (feat. Rick Ross)
 KFC commercial (Dir. Jeremy Konner)
 American Greetings birthday e-card
 Bud Light commercial
 Drunk History series

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tenacious D - "To Be the Best"


Talk about rockin gigs-- Director Jeremy Konner had me jump in on this celeb filled music video featuring none other than Tenacious D through Partizan.
Signed by the D ! (+Kyle drew me back a doodle)

This video had a lot of locations and setups to work with and a great cadre of cameos including Val Kilmer, Maria Menunos, Dave Grohl, Josh Groban, Yoshiki, Jimmy Kimmel-- many of whom weren't confirmed yet at the time of boarding. Hence, Val Kilmer looks nothing like my stock "celebrity friend" rendition at Jack's mansion.

Location scouts help quite a bit for reference, scale, and blocking in shots--
interspersed here with storyboard comparison:
Approaching the top, Pacific Palisades
Fittingly spooky asylum space for Karl's scene

"Ah Scoresa-za..."
A funny great detail

Thursday, April 5, 2012

PergoMax & BattleBots - "Floor Wars"


This was a promotional for Pergo XP laminate flooring-- akin to their series where they face off against many floor destroying foes. Director Jeremy Konner and the actual robot makers (whose workspace was quite a mechanical wonderland~) gave some great notes and direction for this project.

I had a little more involvement than usual for this production since I was also part of the robot concepting process. Sketching possible designs that would be both fun to watch clash, and present a scuffy challenge to the floors, was the challenge.
I drew out about three dozen concepts that got whittled down to the 6 champion contenders. 
Here they are! 

(Pencil and grey tone Copic Marker):
This was the most fun to see come to life. The terrifying mechanical K9 known as:

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hard Rock Cafe - "Our Other Rock Stars"

Commercial for "Hard Rock Cafe":
Working under director Henry Hobson was great, especially since I'm a fan of his work on movie titles. I've admired quite a few featured on Art of the Title. Some of the coolest treats come out of sticking around for the credits to "Rango" and also the sequence for "Sherlock Holmes".
Not to mention the great and eerie "Walking Dead" intro too.

For this spot, it starts off all mysterious slightly dark until it takes a turn to make the viewer...hungry. I think we did have some good burgers for lunch working on this project.
Stayed pretty analog for this one-- ketched in pencil and Copic Marker Neutral gray makers:

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

MLB2K12 - Kate Upton in "Finger Mechanics" and "Verlander on Verlander"

Recent promo commercials for MLB2K12 from 2K Sports.

There were a few of spots in this series showing what it takes to play a perfect game and make it into the "Perfect Club". Cy Young Award winner and MVP Justin Verlander takes center stage in most of these, with appearances by players CJ Wilson, Jay Bruce, and David Price.
Jeremy Konner directed (of "Drunk History" awesomeness) and gave great notes to knock these all out fast.

This first one features Kate Upton-- recently featuring on some magazine called Sports Illustrated Swimsuit's cover...

I think my rushed drawings of her are likely to be met with disapproval by the throngs of her oggling fans, but quite a fun one to board out though~ Will post more when the longer "Perfect Club" spot featuring disguises and panthers airs.