Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Fray - "Never Say Never" music video

This was a project I worked on in March. The video finally went up on Myspace and YouTube today--

The scenario for the video was something like a few minutes before the end of the world. It was shot on the "War of the Worlds" set on the Universal lot-- right next to the "Psycho" house! Scenes like a crashed jetliner and blown out homes provided plenty of great apocalyptic ambiance.
Though originally supposed to be a day shoot, it got shifted to a (cold and dark) night shoot. I had a lot of fun on this since I was also a background extra and got to meet Issac and the band.
Swell folks, all of 'em!

There was a lot of careful timing that needed to be arranged, so many points stayed pretty close to the boards and animatics. Director Ace Norton arranged all the chaos with great detail~

Storyboards and screenshot comparisons:

[My starring background role~]

There was a lot of downtime in between having water dunked on us and the explosions~
On-set photos and sketches:

Never Say Never

[Screen captures from]


mai s kemble said...

WOW- you are awesome!!!!!!!
that must have been hard to draw!!
damn, really cool ideas with the shots and great, great drawings!


Jermz said...

I like how page 5 specifically calls for "cow" by name. Great work!