Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wishing Star E-card

A social network enabled e-card for, this little owl can be sent via Facebook and Twitter along with a message. Though a pretty short sequence, I had a chance to imagine some cinematic CG fun following the shooting star's wake. See and send the card in its entirety here.



OrganicJar said...

love this, Do you know who wrote the music (score) for this e-card. I would love to get this. Any info would be very helpful. Cheers Jason Cairns

Chris Kawagiwa [Storyboards] said...

Sry, wish I knew! It's a sweet score to some expert cg and animation-- surprised they could pull that out of my scribbles~

Kathy Apodaca said...

I love this card!!! I first found it a couple of years ago and I bookmarked it and watch it over and over again.
I, too, wish I could find the music. Thank you for creating the idea.