Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Jamey Johnson - "Playing the Part" Music Video


Music video for country music star Jamey Johnson's single, "Playing the Part" directed by Matthew McConaughey.

In tune with the lyrics, the shoot spanned most of the postcard LA locations, from Hollywood Blvd. to Venice Beach and the Powerhouse Bar. Check out some behind the scenes footage on Jamey's YouTube channel here
In order to avoid the fans/ladies that would sure to bottleneck the production on set, Matthew employed the clever use of disguises while while wearing the director's hat. I was around to see some filming firsthand for the Santa Monica shoot but not around when he has some cool Batman thing going on the day before. E!Online seemed to catch some scenes there.

This project offered some interesting challenges to work out timing with the music. It was also a  surprise to work with the actor who commanded some real directing chops. There was a pretty wide cast of characters and neat to see them fill their roles. Great fun and a pleasure to be a part--!

Check out the finished product, or scroll to bottom for extra pics and the video embedded.

[Screenshot and storyboard comparison :]


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dark Ride Voyage E-card

The Halloween season is in full swing and the cards that I worked on in the warm summer months have finally been released! Check out this classic e-card featuring all the fun tropes of the classic "dark ride" or "ghost train" here-- it'll be featured on the landing page along with the new cards for this time of year. It's a short one, but in a theme I really dig: the old time fair/ circus [in case you can't tell from my acrobatic robot comic~]. I was responsible for storyboard duties only on this one.
If you want more more spooky-time e-card fun, hop on over to my illustration blog too to see a process post--

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Medal of Honor: Linkin Park "The Catalyst"


These boards are for the new Medal of Honor game coming out in October by EA. Sounds like an anticipated release since apparently the vid was the most watched on YouTube for the 1st of August :] A departure from  M.o.H.'s long running WWII settings, the story follows a "Tier 1" Operator in Afghanistan as he preps for an op.
It flashes between live-action of him prepping his weapons/gear and in-game shots of these items in combat use, intercut with a flashback. I read up on some interesting insights about elite military units and equipment while finding reference-- fascinating stuff. I also read up on beards-- awesome.

EA partnered up with Linkin Park's Joe Hahn, who directed, and features their single "The Catalyst," from their album, A Thousand Suns. This project with Ghost Town Media was as fast as the action in it... wish I could have stuck around for the filming but schedules conflicted. Hopefully I'll ship out to the next shoot this cool--

[Screenshots and Storyboard comparison + embed vid. at bottom]


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Adidas Originals MEGA Diner

This ad was part of the Adidas MEGA campaign working with director Ace Norton. There were quite a few ideas we worked in the boards, but as it often happens it passes in the blink of an eye in the finished commercial.
The interactive web component they made is a lot of fun too-- a sort of "choose-your-own-adventure" type with a waitress to take your order. Some of the elements that didn't make it into the commercial can be seen in it. Check it out here!

The spot also features rapper B.o.B. as the chef to the tune of his song "Magic" (a recent collaboration with Rivers Cuomo from his album "The Adventures of Bobby Ray"). My inner geek has really been enjoying the recent list of artists teaming up with Adidas like Daft Punk and Snoop Dogg's Star Wars Cantina spots. The main patron might be familiar-- Paul Iacono from the MTVs "The Hard Times of RJ Berger" (though I didn't know it'd be him the while working the boards~)

[Storyboards and screenshot comparison + embed. vid at bottom]

Monday, July 26, 2010

Juanes - "Yerbatero" Music Video

These storyboards were for the Columbian star Juanes and the title song for his new album "Yerbaterro". The single's debut performance was during the FIFA World Cup Kick-off concert opening ceremonies. This was a fast project with Ghost Town Media and director Brandon Parvini who had the shots elaborately timed to the music-- even down to fractions of seconds!

I was shown some really interesting reference material for the bio-luminescent plants that would populate the video and watched a bit of Avatar to get the environment into my head. It was interesting to see more animated plants used similar to another flowery project I did with American Greetings, but with such dynamic tones.
The end result was full of awesome VFX eye candy-- here are some more colorful screenshot comparisons to the B+W boards:

Monday, May 3, 2010

Krazy Glue Commercial

[EDIT: There's now a Behind the Scenes video posted on the site that includes some of these boards used on the set!]

Krazy Glue T.V. and web spot through Subliminal Pictures with director Kevin Ward. During production I was pretty amazed to find out how many different stress tests were actually performed to gauge the product's true effectiveness. I always love the obligatory "..Do Not Attempt" warnings even on the craziest of shenanigans--

Check out the commercial on the Krazy Glue site here.

Monday, April 12, 2010

"Coke Zero Heroes" commercial

This was a project I was a part of a while ago but recently found it online. Working again with director Ace Norton this commercial had some complicated shots to map out using these sort of inter-dimensional screens-- jumping from one location and orientation to the next. Real fun Michel Gonrdy-esque ideas in it. There was some brain-squeezing trying to figure out backdrops that complimented what was shown on the 'screens' with quite a lot of interesting talents to choose from.
My hat's off to some of my own favorites, whose clips didn't make the cut, but still heroic in my book:

The Long-running metal band Anvil
The Human-Spiderman
The Kid-who-Could-Solve-Several-Rubik's-Cubes-while-Playing-Guitar-Hero

The full spot can be seen through Partizan's Labs section here.