Monday, April 12, 2010

"Coke Zero Heroes" commercial

This was a project I was a part of a while ago but recently found it online. Working again with director Ace Norton this commercial had some complicated shots to map out using these sort of inter-dimensional screens-- jumping from one location and orientation to the next. Real fun Michel Gonrdy-esque ideas in it. There was some brain-squeezing trying to figure out backdrops that complimented what was shown on the 'screens' with quite a lot of interesting talents to choose from.
My hat's off to some of my own favorites, whose clips didn't make the cut, but still heroic in my book:

The Long-running metal band Anvil
The Human-Spiderman
The Kid-who-Could-Solve-Several-Rubik's-Cubes-while-Playing-Guitar-Hero

The full spot can be seen through Partizan's Labs section here.


Kevin Tong said...

That is really amazing. I loved how the frame kept changing. Innovative commercials are so cool because most commercials and ads are the same ol same ol.

Anonymous said...

I love this because my son is in it and we are just so excited!!!!!

thanks for that - not sure we would've got to see it otherwise!