Monday, July 26, 2010

Juanes - "Yerbatero" Music Video

These storyboards were for the Columbian star Juanes and the title song for his new album "Yerbaterro". The single's debut performance was during the FIFA World Cup Kick-off concert opening ceremonies. This was a fast project with Ghost Town Media and director Brandon Parvini who had the shots elaborately timed to the music-- even down to fractions of seconds!

I was shown some really interesting reference material for the bio-luminescent plants that would populate the video and watched a bit of Avatar to get the environment into my head. It was interesting to see more animated plants used similar to another flowery project I did with American Greetings, but with such dynamic tones.
The end result was full of awesome VFX eye candy-- here are some more colorful screenshot comparisons to the B+W boards:

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