Saturday, August 7, 2010

Medal of Honor: Linkin Park "The Catalyst"


These boards are for the new Medal of Honor game coming out in October by EA. Sounds like an anticipated release since apparently the vid was the most watched on YouTube for the 1st of August :] A departure from  M.o.H.'s long running WWII settings, the story follows a "Tier 1" Operator in Afghanistan as he preps for an op.
It flashes between live-action of him prepping his weapons/gear and in-game shots of these items in combat use, intercut with a flashback. I read up on some interesting insights about elite military units and equipment while finding reference-- fascinating stuff. I also read up on beards-- awesome.

EA partnered up with Linkin Park's Joe Hahn, who directed, and features their single "The Catalyst," from their album, A Thousand Suns. This project with Ghost Town Media was as fast as the action in it... wish I could have stuck around for the filming but schedules conflicted. Hopefully I'll ship out to the next shoot this cool--

[Screenshots and Storyboard comparison + embed vid. at bottom]