Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Jamey Johnson - "Playing the Part" Music Video


Music video for country music star Jamey Johnson's single, "Playing the Part" directed by Matthew McConaughey.

In tune with the lyrics, the shoot spanned most of the postcard LA locations, from Hollywood Blvd. to Venice Beach and the Powerhouse Bar. Check out some behind the scenes footage on Jamey's YouTube channel here
In order to avoid the fans/ladies that would sure to bottleneck the production on set, Matthew employed the clever use of disguises while while wearing the director's hat. I was around to see some filming firsthand for the Santa Monica shoot but not around when he has some cool Batman thing going on the day before. E!Online seemed to catch some scenes there.

This project offered some interesting challenges to work out timing with the music. It was also a  surprise to work with the actor who commanded some real directing chops. There was a pretty wide cast of characters and neat to see them fill their roles. Great fun and a pleasure to be a part--!

Check out the finished product, or scroll to bottom for extra pics and the video embedded.

[Screenshot and storyboard comparison :]




[And other set pics:]

Hazardous ape crossing
Monkey and me
Venice street performer and Matthew in disguise
Two gorillas suited up at the ready

The Muscle Beach strongman/ bouncer

Aah, whatta swell guy!

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mai s kemble said...

damn, that's awesome... :D

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