Monday, March 28, 2011

"Winerschnitzel" - Cash in on a Corndog Promotion


I once again worked on Wienerschnitzel's "Cash in on a Corn Dog" promo campaign through Adville USA. This year's had a more classic/vintage flavor compared to last years animated rapper. You can see some ads for it on TV in select areas (seen at least in parts of So. California~)

You can see the site up at hosting the promotion. The walk cycle took a bit of doing to animate-- you can check it out by entering the sweepstakes info even if you don't have a promo code yet. There, you can also see the "Win-o-matic" machine in action-- the fun vintage refridgerator/vending machine/x-ray inspired contraption!

The contest and site will be up until May 29.
Find out some well aggregated info about the promo at this page if you want to play the corndog odds!

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