Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dex Knows - "Local Rhythms" Commercial

Dex One Corporation provides print, online and mobile search marketing via their website, print yellow pages directories. I wasn't familiar with the name until I realized they own the Yellow Pages here in CA. I noticed the DEX print material for the first time during a recent trip to Vegas--

Check out the extended version of the spot here: "Local Rhythms"

The commercial has a YouTube "Making of" video (embedded on bottom) that was fun to see since since I wasn't around for the actual filming. The setup for such a large cast looked like a huge challenge even in the early development stages.
T.K. Broderick did a stellar job weaving the sounds into the rhythmic beat that builds into the climax. After listening to the track several times over to work out the timing, I started to hear percussion in waking life everywhere too. 

Director: Ace Norton

[Storyboard and screenshot comparisons:]


You can see a couple seconds of the storyboards in action in here!

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