Monday, August 15, 2011

"Drop In to Win" - Wienerschnitzel Promotion

This project for Wienerschnitzel through Adville USA was less storyboard heavy but required a process of sequential storytelling nonetheless. It features the vintage character of "Wienerman" as a throwback to the old mascot and the restaurant's 50th anniversary. Winning game pieces win one of fifty FIAT 500s.
Some of the ads are airing now on TV accompanied by that "Little Bitty Pretty One" song-- which after syncing animation to after hours on end, is thoroughly cemented in my head now~

Try your luck yourself at for a limited time--
Character turnaround and key mouth phonemes
(like "Eh", "Ah", "Oh", "M", "Oo", "Fffffff...")
That code was a dud.. !
Initial game board design sketch
Much like the Pinko game from the 'Price is Right'
Color mock-up sketch
Some genius programmers worked out the physics of that dropping token--!

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