Tuesday, February 21, 2012

MLB2K12 - Kate Upton in "Finger Mechanics" and "Verlander on Verlander"

Recent promo commercials for MLB2K12 from 2K Sports.

There were a few of spots in this series showing what it takes to play a perfect game and make it into the "Perfect Club". Cy Young Award winner and MVP Justin Verlander takes center stage in most of these, with appearances by players CJ Wilson, Jay Bruce, and David Price.
Jeremy Konner directed (of "Drunk History" awesomeness) and gave great notes to knock these all out fast.

This first one features Kate Upton-- recently featuring on some magazine called Sports Illustrated Swimsuit's cover...

I think my rushed drawings of her are likely to be met with disapproval by the throngs of her oggling fans, but quite a fun one to board out though~ Will post more when the longer "Perfect Club" spot featuring disguises and panthers airs.

"Verlander vs Verlander"
This one was pretty much all Verlander and his facial acting than storyboards, but still fun to try and catch a likeness in a sketch.

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