Thursday, April 5, 2012

PergoMax & BattleBots - "Floor Wars"


This was a promotional for Pergo XP laminate flooring-- akin to their series where they face off against many floor destroying foes. Director Jeremy Konner and the actual robot makers (whose workspace was quite a mechanical wonderland~) gave some great notes and direction for this project.

I had a little more involvement than usual for this production since I was also part of the robot concepting process. Sketching possible designs that would be both fun to watch clash, and present a scuffy challenge to the floors, was the challenge.
I drew out about three dozen concepts that got whittled down to the 6 champion contenders. 
Here they are! 

(Pencil and grey tone Copic Marker):
This was the most fun to see come to life. The terrifying mechanical K9 known as:

The messiest one of the bunch.

This one required heels as weapons and I wasn't sure how'd it would work-- until 
they broke the mold with:

We knew pretty early on there would need to be a radially spinning one.  Thus was born:

The diabolical flame thrower!

My personal favorite line, the Launcher Bot concepts eventually resulted in:

Now for the storyboard and screenshot comparison:

The mom's expression is particularly priceless~ 


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