Saturday, September 1, 2012

Deadmau5 - "Professional Griefers" storyboards


Most young folks with a bassdrum heartbeat know deadmau5-- This was a rare opportunity to do a music video for the electronic music sensation.
Featuring Gerard Way of "My Chemical Romance" (though comicbook guys like me know him from "Umbrella Academy"~), this high-octane music vid was a treat to see come to life.
Drawing out a Thunderdome-like structure with thousands of fans and a giant robot battle is much easier to sketch out than actually build and make it happen. The main mau5 himself indeed brings it-- great to see all these moving parts come together to smashing effect. A monumental task with great direction provided by directors Paul Boyd and Jeff Ranasinghe.

[EDIT: Found this neat behind-the-scenes clip which has a glimpse of the boards at 2:58~]

Mischievous Meowingtons was my feline favorite.

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