Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tenacious D - "To Be the Best"


Talk about rockin gigs-- Director Jeremy Konner had me jump in on this celeb filled music video featuring none other than Tenacious D through Partizan.
Signed by the D ! (+Kyle drew me back a doodle)

This video had a lot of locations and setups to work with and a great cadre of cameos including Val Kilmer, Maria Menunos, Dave Grohl, Josh Groban, Yoshiki, Jimmy Kimmel-- many of whom weren't confirmed yet at the time of boarding. Hence, Val Kilmer looks nothing like my stock "celebrity friend" rendition at Jack's mansion.

Location scouts help quite a bit for reference, scale, and blocking in shots--
interspersed here with storyboard comparison:
Approaching the top, Pacific Palisades
Fittingly spooky asylum space for Karl's scene

"Ah Scoresa-za..."
A funny great detail

Thursday, April 5, 2012

PergoMax & BattleBots - "Floor Wars"


This was a promotional for Pergo XP laminate flooring-- akin to their series where they face off against many floor destroying foes. Director Jeremy Konner and the actual robot makers (whose workspace was quite a mechanical wonderland~) gave some great notes and direction for this project.

I had a little more involvement than usual for this production since I was also part of the robot concepting process. Sketching possible designs that would be both fun to watch clash, and present a scuffy challenge to the floors, was the challenge.
I drew out about three dozen concepts that got whittled down to the 6 champion contenders. 
Here they are! 

(Pencil and grey tone Copic Marker):
This was the most fun to see come to life. The terrifying mechanical K9 known as: