Tuesday, September 18, 2012

X Japan - "Born to be Free"


This was a video I worked on back in July of 2010-- I never heard what came of it but I found this video recently. Here are some snippets from the shoot day.

It was not only an amazing circumstance that let me work with the famed drummer of the band Yoshiki who directed, but also meet comics legend and personal hero of mine Stan Lee.
He recently attached his name to an amazing event-- now "Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo" in L.A.
As an exhibitor at a table, I didn't get too many chances to see his talks/appearances, but did enjoy an amazingly successful event. More on that here.
Photographic evidence!
I later sent him one of my comics (a medium I would not be in if not for creations by "The Man"~) and had the amazing fortune of receiving a letter back!:
Polybagged and framed!

A few select storyboards:

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Deadmau5 - "Professional Griefers" storyboards


Most young folks with a bassdrum heartbeat know deadmau5-- This was a rare opportunity to do a music video for the electronic music sensation.
Featuring Gerard Way of "My Chemical Romance" (though comicbook guys like me know him from "Umbrella Academy"~), this high-octane music vid was a treat to see come to life.
Drawing out a Thunderdome-like structure with thousands of fans and a giant robot battle is much easier to sketch out than actually build and make it happen. The main mau5 himself indeed brings it-- great to see all these moving parts come together to smashing effect. A monumental task with great direction provided by directors Paul Boyd and Jeff Ranasinghe.

[EDIT: Found this neat behind-the-scenes clip which has a glimpse of the boards at 2:58~]

Mischievous Meowingtons was my feline favorite.

Bud Light - Port Paradise "How it Went Down"


Director Nima Nourizadeh (whose Adidas/ Star Wars Cantina mashup was stellar) put together this spot featuring all manner of crazy party shenanigans. Scouting locations and casting took us to many a picturesque and lavish places.

These frames were kept pretty frenetic to keep with the party vibe (also to accomodate the quanity, timeframe, and drawing in the scout van~). Party on.